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We specialize in Sustainable Gardening like Organic and Hydroponic techniques. We host a Farmers Market weekly. Products include House brewed Compost Tea, Grow lights, Heirloom and Organic seeds. Our Helpful, knowledgable staff will guide you to success in the garden.

Established in 2012. BotaniCo Indoor Garden Store started with the need to grow healthy local food year round despite drought conditions mother nature has in store for us. Botanico showcases methods of recirculating watering systems that catches run-off for reuse

Gabriel Vega Started BotaniCo out of the need for growing sustainable food for individual households that can handle South Texas climate and drought restrictions. Combining his decade of experience with hydroponics and a passion for bettering our community through gardening, BotaniCo was born. "If I am going to live in Corpus Christi for the majority of my life then I will spend my time here contributing to a healthier, sustainable life style." said Gabriel when giving a interview with the Business News. Since the stores debut in Oct 2012 Gabriel Vega has been featured on several radio programs and can be seen nearly every Saturday as the Kiiitv's South Texas Gardener. Our motto is " Grow Better with BotaniCo." We want to provide useful accurate information to anyone who wants to know anything about gardening. Whether they shop with us or not.

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